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Sammie Squatch - When I Grow Up

Meet Sammie, a young and energetic Sasquatch.  He introduces his family and his best friend, a unicorn named Spike. Follow along while Sammie talks about all the possibilities of what he might be when he grows up. 

This colorful picture book captures the attention of young readers while aiming to teach them that they can be anything they want to be. 



Sammie Squatch Gets a Pet

In this book, Sammie gets a new puppy, learns how to take care of him, and has to decide what to name him. He also learns that being helpful and well-behaved can go a long way! 

Sammie Squatch Gets a Pet - children's book 

Sammie Squatch - It's Halloween!

Sammie and Spike go trick-or-treating and end up following a trail of clues, carving pumpkins, walking through spooky places, and ending up at a Halloween party.  

The fun illustrations are sure to make this an entertaining Halloween classic. 


Sammie & Spike's Big Yeti Adventure

Join Sammie and Spike as they go on an adventure to find Mrs. Yeti's son, David. They go hiking, camping and meet some new friends. 



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