Welcome to Squatchin' Country!

"What is Squatchin'?" you might ask...Well it's the act of looking for Sasquatch of course! We're not here to debate the existence of Sasquatches, Bigfoot, Yeti or any other related species. Some people believe, some people don't. There are thousands of stories and pictures about Bigfoot encounters. Can that many people be wrong? Either way, the great outdoors and all of it's unexplored woodlands and forests are what we like to call squatchin' country. 


Squatchin' Country is all about getting outside, exploring nature and bonding with your family. Instead of just sitting around the campfire the whole time, take the opportunity to get up and go for a hike. Teach your kids about nature, explore life and stay young. Hiking is great exercise and there are endless things to see. Just remember to stay safe. There are many species living in the wild and you never know what you'll come across. 

So what are you waiting for? Get up, get out and go squatchin'! 

News: Sammie Squatch books now on sale!

Squatchin' Country is proud to announce that our first Sammie Squatch book is now available on Amazon.com, Lulu.com and BarnesAndNoble.com


Sammie Squatch is an adorable little Bigfoot just living his life and doing what kids do. In "When I Grow Up", Sammie explores some of the possibilities of what he wants to be when he gets older. 


Sammie Squatch - When I Grow Up